H1B visa expired - Dropbox Eligibility


I had an approved H1b petition and stamp with Employer A from Oct 2017 to July 2020. I quit my job in US and moved back to India in Dec 2017 and have been in India ever since. I got an offer from Employer B with a starting date of Feb 2021

  1. Can Employer B file a cap-exempt new petition for me in the current circumstances?
  2. Am I eligible for drop-box appointments in India once my petition approves? I checked USCIS tracker and looks like my previous employer did not revoke/cancel my petition.

Thanks in Advance

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, as your stamp was valid until recently.
    Even, if they withdrawn, it does not matter for your visa stamping.

Thanks Kumar.
Regarding Q1:
Is there a chance that the petition might be denied because it goes directly against the President’s proclamation? I’m currently residing in India as the employer is filing

The proclamation is only for entry, not applicable to USCIS processing.