H1B Visa Expired but I-94 is valid - No Amendment filed by Employer

Hello Sir,

I am in a critical situation here and need your prime advice to stay in USA. Here is my case -

Before, I start details on my case, let me share my current status of Visa.
Visa Type: H1B
Year Arrived in USA: Aug 2013
Visa Expired: Dec 2013
I-94 Validity: Sep 2015
Petition Validity: Sep 2015
Currently, H1B is expired and I am on I-94 status in USA till Sep 2015
Visit number: First time and never left the port after coming to USA

I came in 2013 on H1B Visa by my current employer for client 1. Within a year, they moved me to a different location for client 2. After 6 months, they again moved me to client 3 at another location.
Since, my current employer is moving me very frequently to multiple locations, I requested them to update my LCA and provide the same for my reference. But, they told me that my LCA is being updated and they will are in process of filing my extension for Visa.

Now, today I came to know that amendent was never filed for my multiple location changes and LCA was not a sufficient document to get my extension.

I am not sure what is the consequences going to be happened with me or what options I have to stay in USA?
Also, I need to visit India within this year. Will it be possible by any resolution?

Kindly help me to know the consequences and options I have - to continue by stay and future Green Card filling.