H1B Visa Eligiblity , I want to guideline how to get visa

hi everyboyd , good morning
| want to apply H1B visa, please guide me, I m principal software engner with expence around 12 years , I have done mcpd in .net framework 4.0, unfortunately few of my degrees are not univerty recognized,
I have done 2 years BSC in double match stat and MCS but it is not universty recongnized. my expernce from big software houses of pakistan and my most of prjects are USA based
Please guide me how to get h1b visa sponsor ship
many thanks in advance

Too late for this year. Next filing date is April 1, 2014 w/ employment start date of Oct 1, 2014.

Find an employer by that time and get your education evaluation done meanwhile. You need to have at least equivalent of 4 years of US Bachelors. If not, then you need to show at least 3 years of progressive work experience for each missing year of education. Once you have done this evaluation, you will know whether you qualify or not.