H1b visa ds160 change

There has been a new rule circulating in visa portal for usatravel visa
. Rule says if we need to update ds160 number after appointment confirmation .
Need both old and new ds 160 confirmation page .
The appointment i have is with a ds160 number which is now retrieved as i didnot submit within 30 days - so it is expired . So no way of submitting it and no way to get a confirmation page.
I submitted a new ds160 .
Previously heard - they change/update ds160 at the consulate while drop box

With this new rule - what is the impact.
They say in website you need to reschedule - even if i reschedule - i will never have old ds160 confirmation page .

What should i do in this case . Urgent help . Appreciate

@Kumar . please help

If the old DS-160 wasn’t submitted you dont need to worry.

You had to update or latest ds160 worked for you?