H1b visa drop box with my daughter and without spouse

Hi All,

I am in US and my H1B VISA got approved until 2019 , my spouse is working on valid h4 EAD which is also valid until 2019,

I am planning to go for drop box visa stamping(Same employer) on march 2017 .
And will come back to usa after one month.

I am taking my daughter alone for visa stamping with me , not taking my spouse, since my spouse didn’t get leave on march 2017,

But my daughter h4 visa is clubbed with my spouse visa, will there be any issues, if I am taking only my daughter for visa stamping???

Can any one suggest me , if I can bring 797 and get stamping only for my 4 year old daughter…Thanks

Your daughter needs her own passport for the new stamping. There are some obscure legal issues around travelling with or having in your possession a passport that belongs to someone who is not with you. This objection will intensify when you are at the local emigration checkpoint and then later even during airline security screening.

Thanks for the response, My daughter have her own passport, But her H4 document
(797 has my spouse name and my daughters name)
Since my Spouse will be working in H4 EAD, she is not planning to come and She will get her stamping later when she come to india,
For now,I will take only my daughter , Please let me know, will it create any issue, If i bring the 797 which is also embedded my spouse name in it.