H1B visa document submission to USCIS


I wish to apply H1B visa this year. I would like know

  1. What is the recommended way to send the documents to USCIS in order to make sure they would rbe delivered in the USCIS office on 1st april (like: In-person, Fedex, USPS, UPS etc.) ?

  2. What would happen to an application package, in case it’s delivered to USCIS before 1st April? Would it be disqualified or would they process it as a routine one on/after 1st april?

Thanks in adavance

  1. FedEx/USPS/UPS (not in-person)

  2. It will be returned to the employer as it will be considered to have been received in FY-13 cap which has already been reached in June 2012.

Thanks Saurabh!