H1B Visa Denied

My petition got selected in lottery in Apr’15 and after that I got RFE in Oct’15.After 8 months of wait ,USCIS has denied my petition.Yesterday only they have updated the status.

We are awaiting for official denial reason from USCIS.Could anyone please suggest what are my options at this point?.

First of all your argument doesn’t make any sense. There was indeed a problem with your employer and that is why they have sent the case back to USCIS to review. If you get another petition approved for the same employer, it doesn’t mean that everything is alright now. The VO has a point. They would have attached enough documents why they want USCIS to review the case again. Getting a new petition approved for the same employer unfortunately doesn’t change anything. They would either put the case again under admin process or will wait for the first case to get cleared by USCIS.

Are you answering to my above question???

Once the denial reasons are known, discuss w/ your employer if is makes sense to file MTR or an Appeal. Approval is not guaranteed when filing these and employer/attorney would be in a better position to guide whether there is a chance of decision reversal or not.