H1B visa: checks are cashed, but still no email

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Please, help me to ease my mind… I’ve got information from the company that the checks were cashed, but they still didn’t get any mail from USCIS. What could be a reason?

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It could be still in transit, sometimes there could be delays in mail delivery. There should have been a receipt number on the back of the check, you can ask them to share that to check status.

Kumar, thank you for the reply! What do you mean about receipt number on the back of the check? The checks were sent with the petition and we didn’t see them after that. The company accountant was able to check if checks were cashed, but that’s it, no more information. Also, I though the receipt number will be provided only in the mail from USCIS…

When the accountant checks the bank account for the check cashed, usually the check you sent to USCIS would have been scanned and be part of the check cashing transaction. If you look at that scanned check, it will have that receipt number on it on the back. Yes, it will also be provided in Mail, but this is another option to check.

Got it! Thank you, Kumar! Your advice is much appreciated)

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Hi Kumar, I just want to let you know what we followed your advise and found out the the case status is ‘Case Was Received’ and we actually should have received a mail by May 11. Without your help we probably still were waiting! You are awesome!!! Thank you!!!