H1B Visa - Chances of approval in my case



My H1B petition is approved and I will be working in a EVC model and have received below documents from employer.


1. Original I-797B.


2. Employment letter from employer.


3. Copy of agreement between my employer and vendor which clearly states that vendor will be engaging consultants from my employer at client's place. (Client has outsourced all staffing needs to vendor).


4. Letter from my employer's attorney stating that the vendor is hired by client to manage client's staffing needs, and also an unsigned client letter which states that my employer is the prime supplier.


My case took 1.5 years for H1B approval (first RFE, then Denial and finally MTR got approved). My attorney replied in the MTR that my employer is selected as prime vendor (unsigned letter) and provided copies of agreement between my employer and vendor. Somehow it got approved recently.


My question is, when I go for Visa interview: what are the chances that my H1B visa will be approved? Will I be asked about client letter? If yes, what should be my answer considering my situation?


Would appreciate an early reply.






Tough to say, but be prepared for 221g as this is EVC model. Even if you have all the documents they can issue 221g to give themselves enough time to go through the documents and do the background check (especially b/c it is an unsigned letter).

Did you got your visa stamped as even mine is EVC model applied this year. My petition got approved need to go for Visa Interview.

Your experience, advice and guidance is highly appreciated