H1B visa bond - signed in India


I am working with Employer A and they sent me to US on H1B. I signed an agreement in India that says I have to pay 50000 INR to my employer as liquidated damages if I leave them before 1 year and serve them for atleast 6 months when I go back to India. Also, I need to serve 1 month notice period. My US employment with this employer is ending in the end of Oct 2013 and I am supposed to join back in India. They made me stay in US for only 4 months.

Now I have got an offer from employer B and my visa transfer is approved (They want me to join soon).

The problem is I cannot give a notice period of 1 month to my employer because the employment is ending in 1 week. So If I do not go back to India and join employer B, would that bond of 500000 INR be enforceable on me in US also? Can they send me a legal notice here?

Please advise. It is urgent.

No legally they cannot prosecute u