H1b visa beyond 6 year, no place to enter I140 info in DS160

I am in my 6th year of H1B visa. My original second H1B visa stamp expires Nov 2024, but my company used the time I spent in India when I joined them and got an h1b i797 approved till July 2025 during H1B transfer. After I joined them I got a self-sponsored I140 with NIW EB2.
Since my H1B visa stamp expires Nov 2024. I want to apply for Visa extension.

  1. As I fill the DS160 form, I noticed that it only ask for H1B approval with my company, other that the “Is a immigration petition filled for you” place, there isn’t any location to enter my I140 information. Am I missing something? I have seen ppl saying I should enter my I140 receipt number there, I can do that as well.
  2. If I apply for H1B visa now, will I get extension till July 2025 per my companies I797 approval, or for 3 more years since I have I140.
  3. My I140 isn’t sponsored by my current employer, does that change anything in the DS160 form or in any other place in the visa application process?

I only got I140 last December, so I am new to extending H1B beyond the 6-year process, Please let me know if there are other things I should do. Thanks,

The I-140 info is entered in the I-129 extension of status petition for extension beyond 6 years. Talk to you employer’s immigration lawyer and procide them the copy of your I-140 so they are aware that you qualify for AC21 extensions beyond 6 years.

In DS-160 you just enter your current I-797.