H1B Visa at Mumbai - Given 221(g) Blue Slip

I went with my Family for the H1 Interview, VO asked on 4 basic questions, who is employer? what is the CTC offered? what is your qualification and finally when are you starting employment?

the moment i told VO its from 1st October she went inside and came back after 5 minutes and gave me 221G stating to submit all the passports only after 1st July since its too early for me to apply since my employment starts on 1st Oct.

Anyone had gone thru simillar experience pl SHARE your experience.


Hi There,

You belong to H1B 2014 category ? If its so the minimum time period to appear for Visa Interview is July 1.

Please clarify more on your case for answering you better.


Dear 221gmumbai,

Filing petition for H1B 2014 has been completed before April 5 and lottery was conducted on April 7. If you would have received the Receipt No from USCIS and If your petition I129 for H1B got approved you could go for Visa Interview in your Place of residence or Home Country not less than 90 days from your current work authorization which is Oct 1 2013. So u can go for interview on Jul 1 as earliest.

Hope you got clear of your doubts now.

The question has already answered by others.

I am glad that they are still following the rules. Didn’t you check w/ anyone before appearing for interview so early?