H1B Visa at Mumbai - Given 221(g) Blue Slip

Hello Guys,

I would be writting my experience in detail by next week but before that i just want some help though i had asked my employer to follow up on this.

I appeared for interview today morning and after simple questions was given 221(g) Blue slip saying that there are 2 many interviews going on we can't verify all papers and hence can't grant you visa now but you have to submit required papers to VFS centre.

My case is Employer Client model and have client employer contract, complete project descrition, employee names working on this project and duration and developement stages mentioned.

Though was asked to submit follwoing papers


- Petitioner (Employer) Paper (Ticked marked on following papers)

			A Copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed to USCIS (Including FULL I-129, cover Letter for USCIS and Educational Equivalency Report)
			Petitioner Income Tax Return for last 2 years and financial Statements (What is Financial Statements here?)
			A Letter (on letter head) from personnel department at the US job site stating that there is a vacancy for you.
			A detailed and specific description of the internal development project to which you will be assigned. Include a completer technical description of the project, employer, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned, worksite location and marketing analysis for the final product.


Do i need to submit my all original documents including Petition i797?

And any clue how long this procedure takes to complete?



Yes you need to submit all the documents in original. Process time is again 2 weeks to 8 weeks, but not maintained strickly even it runs for many months.



Thanks Vivek…Again wait…its too frustrating…My project us about to start in first week of Oct :frowning:

But still i dont know is this a genuine way of working or they are just doing ridiculous work because our foreign ministry is not saying anything to them.

First employer file all papers with his all documents like Tax papers, LCA, I129, Education report and USCIS letter. After verifying they send Petition approval to employer. Then why the hell Consulate guys do “Keedagiri” and ask question regarding Clients and Employee.
They “Stupid guys” has to only verify my identity and should not ask single question about my employer and client as that USCIS’s task to verify before sending Petition Approval. This is really a frustrating and ridiculous way of giving 221(g) without proper reason. If i got 221(g) and told to submit all employer paper then it means their(US) USICS department is not working efficiently or Indian Consulate guys are treating us like Donkey and doing any shit they want

Hey I am really sorry to see your question. What to do. I was expecting your visa stamping experience to be posted. Thats true. Now a days stamping is fully based on luck basis only. They never see the documents properly also we cannot provide in the color they expect . Did you get any case number for this. Try to make a close followup with VFS. We hope that your process completes soon.


What is case number mere bhai? I haven’t submited my docs yet and thye have mentioned that i have to buy GREY color envelope from VFS and submit my docs. Will i get my case number after submitting my docs or what?

While submitting you will get one case number and you can check the status in VFS site. I am not sure whethere they are providing for all. jus check with VFS while submitting.