H1B Visa Approved : status administrative processing after 3 days

Hi all,

I attended my interview in Montreal, Canada in Feb 11th. The status has been updated on CEAC site as administrative processing on Feb 13th.


As for the interview, it went well with the Visa Officer saying your Visa is approved and you will get your passport within 5 days. No slips was issued during the interview and the interview was a smooth one with less questions and lasting less than 5 minutes. 


Can people share your inputs and suggestions .




The case can go in Administrative processing even after visa officer tells you that visa has been approved. There also are cases when visa is REFUSED AFTER visa officer has told applicant that visa has been approved and he takes the passport for stamping.

Such rare cases occur when something that has escaped the attention of visa officer

and is found improper later, comes to consulates notice.

In the last 5 years I have seen two cases of visa rejections AFTER visa officer initially told that visa is granted and kept the passport.

. In the same period I saw 1 case when initially visa officer told the applicant that visa is granted but case went into Adm processingunder 221g

Of course in all the cases thre were proper reasons for consulate to do so .

Thank God. I did not have that pain to go through. Got the visa status changed to Issues. Thank you.