H1B Visa approved but the visa status show administrative processing


I want to share my experience.I attended the Visa Interview on 28-Oct-15 and the consular had said the visa is approved and further informed, that will receive an email from consulate when to pick the passport. I waited for two days and checked the DS-160 it shows Administrative Processing. Will they ask for again any documentation?

So, can someone please tell me how many days it may take for receiving my passport? or can share their recent experiences.

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There is no set processing time and can take few weeks to several months. As the officer mentioned its approved, its quite possible that the delay is just at their end and it will be approved within few days/weeks.

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My case is also same like that. I went to H1B interview on 22nd October in Chennai Consulate. They had said my visa is approved and further informed that will receive an email or sms from consulate to collect the passport.I checked today i.e 2nd Nov and it still shows administrative processing.

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Thank you guys for replying. Finally I have received my passport yesterday.Visa Approved!!!


Even i attended H1b interview on october 23rd and VO said that my visa is approved and also i didnt get any slip from then. But the status shows administrative processing in CEAC. Dont know what to do. Please let me know if you got any update on your visa

Can u tell how long it took exactly after u attened interview to get passport?

I attended on 4th nov 2015 visa officer said approved but in Uscis website it says Admin processing

Also let me know how did u get notified about passport being ready to collect?

Finally saw status updated to ISSUED and passport is ready for pick up - 5th Nov 2015 - Just one day

I am in the same boat too! Attended interview today (05-Nov) and is showing as AP in ceac. VO had actually congratulated and confirmed verbally that my visa is approved. Hope the status change by tomorrow at least!

Were you able to finally get your approved visa? How long did yo have to wait?

How long did you have to wait? I’m on the same boat. CO approved my visa but it’s been 3weeks now and my case is still under AP.