H1b visa appointment changing country after receipt number tagged

I am on H1B for 15 yrs , this is my 5 time going for stamping .
I am in different situation, i am not getting visa slots in india in near 3 months , even though i waited for 2 months, now i want to go to Thailand for earlier process, so help m how i can remove the existing visa receipt and apply for new country?
I tried creating new account in thiland website, its saying this is duplicate profile. i tried to merge both the profiles , but they are saying “Profile Has Valid Receipt Tagged.”
So help us un tagging the receipt attached to my old profile.
your help is highly appreciated

Hello Mohan,
I am also considering going to Thailand to get my visa stamped as it is just H1-B renewal. Were you able do get your visa stamped successfully in Thailand after resolving your profile issue? I am thinking of simply creating a new profile for my application so I can do a new DS160 for Thailand. Also, did you need visa to enter Thailand (like visa on arrival for Indians?) If so, how was your experience and do you have any tips?