H1B visa appointment at Hyderabad

Hello,I got my H1B approved and planning to travel to India in the month of February. I have selected Hyderabad as my interview location. However I don’t see any dates during that month. The last available dates are in the month of January. But when I switch to other consulate such as New Delhi, the dates show up for the month of February and also March.

Does this mean that the February slots for Hyderabad consulate have been filled?Since I have applied DS160 for my Hyderabad consulate, will switching to New Delhi for interviews cause any trouble?Thanks in advance for answering it. I look forward to it.Thanks again!

Hello Sir,

I am planning to go to India next month for visa stamping and I am finding dates for New Delhi and hyderabad for around Dec 2016 and January 2017 respectively. I have not paid the fees yet and cannot see actual calender. Can you please check and tell me what is the earliest date available for New delhi or Hyderabad available in Calendar. I know it changes everyday but just to get an idea if New delhi or hyderabad has any dates in October, november or not at all. Your help is greatly appreciated. You can write me here or my email:


Thanks a ton!

Hyd dates may show-up in near future. It doesn’t mean that Hyd Feb dates have already been taken-up

No issue switching to a different consulate now.