H1B visa application without a job ( as of now last 3 years nojob)

Hi Saurabh,

Right now my wife ( MCA was working on Top indian it company she took a break after her first baby) does not have job since 2013 . she wants to apply for H1B this year.

is it OK to apply for H1B visa without holding a job right now???

Most of the consultancy ask for 3 months payslips…if at all anyone agree … is it legal or valid??

Has your wife ever held H-1 before? If not, then payslips are not required.

Do they want her payslips when she was working in India?

Hi Saurabh,
Thanks for replying on this. My wife was working in India since 7 years in one top it company. we moved to US ( i was on L1 and she was on L2) on 2011 . then she joned me on 2013 .we came back on 2014 August . till now she does not have a job . My H1B stamped from a US based MNC . I am looking if she can eligible for applying this year. Majority of the consultancy asked for 3 months salary slips as a employment proof ( not sure).
So wanted to know if this is compulsory to have employment in india before applying H1B visa

I don’t know why they will ask for it. She can submit employment verification letters to show that she indeed worked in India and her work experience is real.

USCIS doesn’t need Indian payslips; and they need US payslips only if she was ever on H-1 or L-1 inside US.