H1B visa application expiry date- 30 June-2012


I had received a 2nd RFE on march 8th and it was replied back on may 25th, the status in USCIS site shown as “RFE Response Review”, and we have not received any communication till now.

but inthe bottom of the staus page in USCIS site, Expiration date for my H1B visa application is specified as 30-June-2012.

Could you please let me know if i do not get any response with in 30th of june, my application will be closed or not.

Do i still have any chance of making it in the 2012 cap or my H1b chnace or closed.


Vinod T.N

If the petition gets denied, then you are out of cap. What do you mean by expiration date? This is a new H-1 petition, right? So how can it have an expiration date.

The expiration date shown at the bottom of the petition status page in USCIS website is related to the OMB and is not the expiry of the H1B petition.