H1b visa and petition expiring while I'm in india


My petition is valid from 10/01/2015 to 12/31/2017,my visa is expiring on 12/31/2017 and I’m in india.I have travelled on this visa to USA and stayed there for 2.5 months but didn’t work as I was ill and had to return back therefore I don’t have any pay stubs,Now what options do I have while I’m in india:

1)Can I extend my visa from India by asking my employer to apply for the same?

2)if I don’t apply for extension and my visa expires then what next?I mean do I have to get it renewed by filing new petition and that will be cap exempt which means I don’t have to go through lottery and just need to go for stamping?

3)what is the best solution for this situation? Should I travel to USA immediately and get it extended to minimise the risk of getting rejected during stamping while in India?

4)Since I just have 28 days of validity won’t that be an issue at POE if I travel now?

  1. I also hold b1/b2 visa,can’t I travel on the same once my H1b visa expires and then change the status from b1/b2 to H1b in USA since I’m cap exempt?

Kindly suggest the best way out in this situation,

Thanks in advance.