H1B visa and consultancy - please take your time out to answer this question .

Hi ,

I have just finished with my post graduation in ECE in the USA, for past 6 months i have applied for many full time positions in 100s of companies but all my efforts have not yet landed me a job and Im planning of joining a consultancy. I would like to know how long does it take to get a job in a consultancy? what are the chances that I can get core ECE job ? What type of courses can i take up ( like SAP) that can fuel the process of me getting a job in the US ? If i land a consultant job, then what are the chances that it can get converted to a full time position ? Can you also please suggest some good consultancy companies ?. I have a valid F1 visa.

thank you in advance.

Search Desi Consultancy on Google.

Unfortunately the way it works with most desi bodyshops is that if you pay you get in, there is really no interview. Note, this is not legal but many folks do this.