H1b visa after two years work experience in India

I did my undergraduation in ECE…currently, I am working in a startup software company which do not have branches globally.What are my chances on H1B visa? Can I apply to H1b visa after two years of experience by directly searching for H1b visa jobs …? How brighter my chances would be? Or after two years should I shift to some mnc which would be having branches globally? Please suggest me some wise choice…

There are people who do either. Most of the companies who offer H-1 to overseas candidates are typically the consulting companies. But it is difficult to find good companies among them.

As for the Indian IT MNCs, you can go that route but there may be lot of people waiting for on-site opportunity before you. So your number may not come soon.

Try talking to your network of friends and colleagues and see how their experience has been. If you are able to find a good consulting company then have them file the H-1 while continuing to work towards joining a IT major w/ onsite opportunities and not many people in queue before you.