H1B vis stamping 221g received green form


My wife appreared for her h1b visa interview today at Mumbai US consulate. Its her first visit to India fter H1 approval and also first stamping after h1b visa approval. She has got the 221g with required list of docunments. She is a direct full time employee with company in USA and have education from one of the prominent schools in USA before she joined her job. I have questions regarding documents she has been asked for:

  1. Invitation letter from employer:

My wife does not have inviation letter andhe company doesnot have any fomrat for invitation letter. They have provided her employement verification letter. She also has support letter from employer that was submitted for H1b visa petition. Will employement verification letter suffice?

  1. They have asked for following documents in word format,
  1. Research: My wife did not have any research activity, can we have “Not applicable” here

  2. Funding: She is a full time employee but, she is paying from her own pocket for this trip, Dowe write company name or self funded?

Please help, we really need advice durin this frustrating time.