H1b vias approved but documents required


I had my visa interview recently for H1b visa and went with my wife who had applied for an H4 visa. After the interview, the VO said that the visa is approved and we will get our passports in 2-3 working days. However, the next day I received an email (with my name not mentioned anywhere) that I need to submit some more documents at the nearest OFC office. It also specified a link which led to a site for documents to be submitted in case of 221 (g). I spoke to the call center executives and went to the OFC office in New Delhi but they had no idea why the email was sent in spite of a visa approval and suggested that I submit the document to be on the safe side. I have no explanation as to what is the status of my visa and why have I been asked to submit the docs (though I have all of them with me)? Can you please tell me?



This is not unusual. Although they say that the visa is approved, they can still ask for additional documents. You should submit those documents and then wait for them to complete the processing (which has no set timeframe).

Even after submission, is there a possibility that the Consulate declines the visa? Or is the documentation only for verification and processing purposes?

Although there is never a 100% surety, I think the odds are in your favor in this case.