H1B Validity


My H1B got selected in 2015 lot and i went for stamping on Sep 2016 . Both My i797 and my Visa Stamped says validity till July 2018 .

Questions :

  1. What if i travel at 2017 July …Does it mean my 1 yr got wasted since i already got stamping or still i have 5 years on US .

  2. My petition is from Oct 2015 to July 2018 .Considering i was in US only 1 year before my petition ends (July 2018) . Still i have a chance to stay 5 yrs in US once my petition ends ?

  1. You would still have 6 years of H-1B left as extensions can be applied until you have spent 6 years inside US on H-1

  2. Yes, extensions can still be applied to get the entire 6 year term