H1B validity


Below are my details:

  1. H1-B Stamped on Passport:

  2. H1B Approval I797B:
    From: 04-Mar-2015 To 03-Mar-2016

  3. H1B Amendment I797C:
    05-Jun-2015 To 03-Mar-2016

  4. I94:
    From: 21-Jun-2015 To 13-Mar-2016

  5. I was in US From: 21-Jun-2015 To 25-Aug-15

Q1: If I will not be able to travel before 03-Mar-2016 again will my VISA get expire?
Q2: I have got my VISA for 1 Year but I spend time in US only 2 months few days. Remaining 10 months are valid till which year?
Q3: Please guide what are the safest ways to save my VISA?

Q1: If you travel or not, it will expire.

Q2: Generally H1b is valid for 6yrs. since you spend only 2 months, when you file your amendment (since you are in India) you would get first for 3 yrs(in general) later on with extension you would get the leftout period. If you are in US, you have to file extension. This you would get first for 3 yrs(in general) and later on you would get the remaining left out period.

Q3: Nothing new to guide. the left out period is leftout only. you can use it at any point of time in future. In general before the 6yrs of the date from petition approved date is the period you need to consider.

Right now I am in India. If want to travel after my expiry date i.e 3-Mar-16 then it is possible?