H1B validity start date OCt1st 2013 or assignment start date

My H1 got approved and waiting for the papers >My assignment start date given as July2014 ,so what could be my H1 validity start date Oct1st 2013 r July2014 ,if july2014 ,can we preopone the assignement start date

And also please confirm whether Validity start date is common for all approved candidates or it differs

where did you find assignement start date?

my employer records saying that assignment start date is july2014
as this is my first program to US ,not clear on the process,
now can you tell me for every petition the validity starts from OCT 1st 2013 ? or it varies depends on the assignment dates also

Your approved petition i.e. 797 will have the validity dates. That will be typically Oct 1, 2013 w/ an end date 1-3 years in future from that date. This is the only date that matters from H-1 perspective.

Next thing you have is the joining date. This can be as early as Oct 1 (H-1 petition start date) or anything else within the petition validity period. It is b/w you and employer to discuss when they want you to join them in US.

HI Saurabh,

Thanks for the reply
so if LCA start date is after OCT 1st say in Dec2013 ,what would be the validity start date for approved petition ,OCT1st or in DEC?

LCA cannot be filed more than 6 months in advance. So if your H-1 is approved, LCA start date cannot be Dec 1 as it would have been more than 6 months out from April 1.

LCA dates are taken into consideration when approving the petition. So you should be concerned about the dates mentioned in your 797 and talk to your employer when they want you to start working in US.