H1B under 221(g) processing, requested for NIE and awaiting for response

Hi All,

My visa got expired on Aug 2019 and I have attended IW program on April 30 2021 at US Consulate Hyderabad. My visa application got refused on June 3 2021 with 221(g) white slip stating presidential proclamation 10199, on the Suspension of Entry as Nonimmigrants of Certain Additional Persons Who Pose a Risk of Transmitting Coronavirus Disease 2019.
I have applied for NIE request to the Email Id (HydCEA@state.gov) provided in 221(g) white slip on July 29 2021 and HyderabadNIE@state.gov on Aug 17 2021. I didn’t receive any response from the consulate yet.
Does the consulate process my visa application as I submitted my NIE request and provide NIE approval or do I need to put new application for visa interview and apply for emergency appointment? If for new appointment, can I put appointment request at any consulate in India?

Once you receive NIE approval email, you can forward the same to the consulate and request for visa approval. If accepted, you should receive email to submit your passport for visa stamping.

As I mentioned previously that NIE request has been put for more than 3 weeks. So, how long would it take to get the NIE request result?

I would just send a follow-up email to the consulate where you applied.