H1B/UK resident / Indian passport

Pls can you help with the following?

H1B approved on India passport, and the candidate who live in the UK will receive a UK passport in 2 months, will the candidate should go for stamping on Indian passport or fine with UK passport too ?

Or incase if the candidate gets stamped on indian passport. Will H1B visa gets transferred if candidate changes passport from india to British passport.

Would be helpful…!!

I am guessing you mean your H1B petition had the Indian passport information.

If your visa appointment is after you receive your UK passport, you must submit updated DS-160 with UK passport information before going to interview and carry copy of old DS-160 and the new one. Once you get citizenship of another country, you can no more use your Indian passport.

If your appointment is before you receive your UK passport and citizenship, you can carry your Indian passport to the interview.
If you travel to the US after receiving your UK passport, you must also carry your Indian passport as it will have the visa that is required to enter the US while the UK passport will be your identity.