H1B Trasnfer RFE response and case status change in USICS website

HI Saurabh

     I got RFE for my H1B transfer omn May'18 ,2012. My new employer told that they will respond to RFE soon and extendeding the date for every week from past two months. They are not responding to my RFE  and at the same time they are not saying  of revoking the petition. They are trying to hold me as long as possible. Finally they told  that they will respond to RFE  on Last Monday. In USCUS website the status is not yet changed. The status is still  showing as "Request for evidence".How do i know whether my employer has really responded to RFE or not. Typically how long does it take to change the status in USCIS website after necessary docuements are submmited for RFE.  I am not  able understand what my employer intention in holding me and not responding to RFE.

I had the similar issue with my L1B individual petition. The change of status from Request for Evidence TO Request of Evidence Review takes place in three days of your receipt of requested documents.


ok Finally my employer has submitted the documents. Waiting for RFE response review.It’s been 6 days over since RFE is responded. Still waiting for the result. It is filed under premium processing. Typically how long does it take to get approval after responding to RFE under PP.

Within 15 calender days you should get good news. All the best. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Finally my H1-B transfer is approved yesterday.