H1b transfer


I have few questions regarding h1b transfer

  1. I have h1b visa with company A and am in usa currently working with that company and if I seek new job and new company B process my h1b transfer , so when I can put resignation to company A and when I can Join start work with company B.

  2. Suppose during process of h1b transfer my mind change and company A provided good opportunity then will I retain with company A or after transfer process I need to work with Company b only .


  1. As soon as you get the receipt number of the transfer petition, you can start working with company B.

  2. If Company A has not withdrawn your initial H1B, you can come back to company A and start working.

If they had withdrawn the petition, then you will have to initiate transfer from company B to A again.

Thanks for reply

How much time took to get receipt number of transfer petition

Depends on the service center where your petition is going to be filed. If its Vermont you will get in a week and if its California center it takes more time currently. Please do note that since you are joining only with receipt number, it has its own risks involved.