H1B Transfer

I am working for Company A. My client was X (Maryland), and A applied H1B for X client in the year 2014. I received my approved notice I-797B on June-2015. Company A file amendment process for client Y (New York) on 19-Feb-2016, and I have received my Receipt Notice on 22-Feb-2016.Then Using the below documents, I travel to the U.S. on 12-March-2016 for Y client/New York :1. Certified LCA for location NEW YORK, NY for role COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGIN/ARCHI. 2. Copy of Form I-129 filed with USCIS for amending your H1B for client/location Y. 3. Receipt notice received from the USCIS for your H1B amended petition.

I haven’t receive the new approved H1B amended petition yet.

I have an offer from company B now. Can I change my employer now ? Or I have to wait till I receive my new approved H1B amended petition ?