H1B transfer

My last payment slip from previous employer(Company A) was from Sept16-Sept30.

My new employer(Company B) has filed for my h1b transfer (premium processing) on Oct30. Application was sent on Oct30th and USCIS must have received on Nov2nd. The application was missing payment slips for about a month (month of October). Practically out of status for a month.

What are my chances of receiving approval on H1B transfer with I94? ie. visa transfer where there is no need for me to travel outside India, before I can start to work with my new employer(Company B).

Thanks for your time and help.

It is possible that they will approve 797 but deny I-94. In that case you will have to leave US and enter US on H-1 visa (no need for new stamping if previous visa stamp is still valid) and receive new I-94 to work for the new employer.