H1B Transfer

Hi,I came to US on 3rd April on H1B Visa and my visa is expiring on 23th August and I-94 expiry date as 4th September. My Employer has filed extension under premium and recently on 5th august I got RFE on my extension case, for which I have already submitted my documents but the clock is yet to start.I am currently working in location A and my employer asked me to move to another location for the same client.My employer told that they can’t proceed with Amendment until I get the extension approved.My question here is recently I got another offer from employer B who is ready to file my H1B Transfer? I am interested to join Employer B, but I am worried about what would happen if my amendment and Transfer runs in parallel. Shall I ask Employer B to go ahead with my h1b transfer now before my I-94 expiration or shall I ask them to wait till I get approval on my extension. What if I don’t get approval on extension, I may loose on all my opportunities.Please let me know what shall I do?

At a time you can have more than two H1B approved petitions. But the payroll should run for only one valid petition.

If you feel that Employer B is providing good benefits and have any issues with A, i would consider to proceed with Employer B.