H1B Transfer without US Paystubs

Hi ,

Please help me by suggesting on the below situation:

I got my H1B Visa stamped (Company A) in Aug 2016 and it is valid till Aug 2018. I am from India and never travelled to US as I don’t get a job yet. I approached new employer (Company B) because my old employer(Company A) don’t have enough clients.

My H1B is now transferred to new employer (Company B) and I’ve planned go to US by this month end.

Yesterday, I have been approached by a client (Company C) directly and they are offering a full time role with them. I actually lied to them that I am in US and that’s the reason they are offering the job.

Can I go to US through Company B and then immediately apply for visa transfer to Company C? Can I show my India Paystubs to Company C? If Company C agrees with it, Would there be any rejection by USCIS as there are no paystubs of Company B? How do I handle this situation and join Company C?

Please suggest.

You can pretty much forget about c. They will never trust you again. Take this as a lesson and be a better person in future is all I can say.

For now, go wih b, work for 6 months or so then switch.