H1B Transfer without paystubs

I was on F1 OPT STEM until July and then continued work until end of September (with help of CAP GAP after my H1 was picked on lottery). A RFE was raised and it got approved on Oct 27. But, the approval notice was only received on mail on Nov 3rd. The H1 was through a consultancy and have not run my payroll because I haven’t secured a client yet. I have a full time offer and they are ready to file the H1 transfer petition right now. I am aware of pay stub requirements, but how do I handle this with a consultancy who is unwilling to pay me for the ‘bench’ period?

Thanks for helping me out. I have searched the forums and have found similar cases but I couldn’t figure out what the solution is for these ‘no paystub’ cases. I am grateful for your suggestions.

Had your problem solved, I am in the same position. Can you help me out. Thanks