H1B Transfer - Without Pay Stub

My Scenario


I have filed My H1B Petition(2012 Quota) through Company A when I was in US with L1B Visa for Company X.

I got my L1B Extension filed by Company X which got Unapproved(Jan-2012).

I am in India now & H1B Petition has been approved(Mar-2012), Now Company A feels that getting my visa stamped is difficult as it cannot get appropriate client documents done




If I want to transfer H1b to Company B, Do I need to submit pay stub of 2-3 Month ?(Which in my case does not exist - I haven't used H1B for Company A yet )


What all documents are requried for Transfering H1B to Company B?






You don’t need pay stubs as you did not work in the US with that VISA.

H1B transfer is essentially a new H1B filing by a different company and you can do a cap-exempt filing. Hence documents required are same as what you would require for a new H1B filing.

I appreciate your answer above. My query is similar. I am on L1B and applied for H1B and got it approved. I can start work with employer “A” from Oct 1st, 2012. But now, i got another offer from employer “B” and i want to join employer “B”. My queries are:-
Can i apply for H1B transfer righnow before Oct 1st?
Or do i have to join employer “A” first and wait for 2 months to collect pay stubs and then apply for H1B transfer with employer"B"?
Or which one is the best option if both of above cases are feasible?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, you may transfer your H1B to another company before October 1st.