H1b Transfer without I797 approval notice and with just receipt no

I am currently employed with Company A and also holding L1 visa. Company B have process my fresh H1b for 2014 through CP and got approved. There is some issue with Company B so they will not provide me the I797 approval but I have receipt no of H1B through which I got to know that my Visa is approved. I am currently in India still employed with Company A.

	Can Company C file new H1b under quota exempt with just approved receipt no(as I797 is not provided by company B) without joining Company B?

	Is it possible for my current company A(who is holding L1 also) to file New H1 under quota exempt?

	If I go to US with my Company A’s L1B and later wants to transfer my H1b with Company C then will it be possible?


Please help!