H1B transfer without I-140 approval notice


I have I-140 approved and did one extension beyond 6-year cap limit. I got an offer from another company but I do not have the I-140 approval notice with me. My employer denied providing those details but I do have alien number. I did request USICS for the I-140 approval notice through FOIA but seems it will take some time.

Has anyone gone through the same situation, Any suggestions?


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Hi Suren87

I am also having an issue with my employer, I did raise the FOIA but they send me Petition and not the approval.

What option you selected while filling FOIA for the Approval notice, it would if you can share. I can also raise the FOIA again


You can use copy of petition as a proof of approved I-140. USCIS do not provided copy of approval notice.

@Harsha_Harsha I don’t think I saw any specific option that says approval notice. I just selected i-140.

Did you file your H1B transfer already?

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Yes i did and company only need the receipt number to work with, which i got from FOIA or you can book appointment in local USCIS to get that

I got the receipt number from my employer.

Thanks, @Harsha_Harsha. All the best