H1B TRANSFER without being in us single day

Hi Kalpesh & Team,

Many thanks for valuable information thro tis forum mine Visa got Stamped Chennai April 2022

Now in situation H1B sponsor(Company A) delaying travel meanwhile provided interview for Product (Company B), they asked me hw soon you can join us

After Reciepts
After Transfer approval

Me replied after Reciept without knowing actual scenario

Without paystubs of Company A, transfer possible?
Whether Transfer from Company A to Company B without being single day, affects further H1B Extensions?
Many Suggests intial days to be with Company A to learn Culture & Communication

Please suggest, Company B is a product Based well known fashion brand

Change of employer petition aka transfer petition can only be filed if you are already in the US working for the H1B sponsoring employer.
In your case the new employer can file a cap-exempt H1B petition and if it gets approved, you can travel to the US with your existing visa and join the new employer.