H1B Transfer within 2 months , is it safe ??

Let me start saying thank you. I posted one query soemtime back , and the answer did help me getting the H1 :slight_smile: . Hoping to find a way out again

I am staying in US since Dec 2010 on an L1B Visa . On 1st October , I changed my Visa Status from L1B to H1B. A New Jersey based company holds my H1B . My employer A (who holds my H1 , New Jersey) recruiited me to company B (Washington) , and then company B deployed me to the end client C (Washington). I have applied for my spouse H4 on 9th septemeber through my emplyer A , which is in INTIAL REVIEW status. I am currenty working at the client site C for which the contract is ending on 29th Novemeber

Company B is ready to do H1b transfer and I will working at the same client site C . Is it safe to move within 2 months ?

If I decide to move , what all documents I need to have from companty A , which are important from stamping point of view ?

My spouse hasnt recd teh H4 approval copy , we just have the notice . The H4 is applied by employer A , what will be the impact of that

Comany A is ready to process my GC , but its mid sized consultancy. Also I am parallely looking for big companies which will do GC , like company C . So saying taht i might switch again if better oppurtunity . Will this cause an issue during stamping