H1B transfer within 1 months after joining the company

Hi all…

I had came recently on mar 1st week…my ssn came on march 3rd week only…no paystub so far…

I got job they are ready for h1 transfer in premium

  1. wat is possibilty of h1 transfer rfe or denail without pay stub
  2. if approved whether it will come with i 94 or without
  3. whether h4 also have to exit…
  1. It depends upon on how new employer tackles the question of missing payslips. H-1 petition itself will not be impacted, but the I-94 attachment will be.

  2. Same as (1)

  3. I don’t think so but you should confirm w/ new employer’s attorney. I assume you are referring to the case when new petition is approved w/o I-94 and you have to leave and return to US on new petition to work for the new employer.