H1b transfer with yearly wage more than over wage but monthly wage less than required

To transfer h1b, I will be required to provide two-month’s pay stub. However the pay stubs in recent months show less amount.

My h1b was applied based on a yearly salary base. I have lots of overtime in certain seasons, so my w2 will that I get paid enough.

Will I have trouble when I transfer h1b?

note: I don’t want to file compaint to LCA unless I have to.

How many months have you worked this year? If you submit more than 2 months payslips, does that show average salary to be over LCA minimum?

My h1b was effective since last October. Yes, if I sum up all the pay checks since last October, it will meet minimum wage requirement.

Are you suggesting this case would be fine? Do you have a source?


There is no source. Just based on reading experiences online.

If you need official sources, contact a lawyer.