H1B transfer with new employer with approved I140..

Hi, I am working for a Employer A, My H1B is valid till march,2018 with 3 yr extension. It needs extension after that. But right now I am thinking of changing my employer too. As premium processing is also suspended for next 6 months. I am worried what will happen if I change my job now and H1B transfer doesn’t clear with new employer B in 240 days & then in that case I have to go back India? Its very scary… I have my I140 approved in last year. would it be of any benefit in this H1B transfer case. 2. Also My spouse’s EAD also needs to be renewed after march2018, What docs I need to renew that? PLease help me.Will this H1B transfer effect that ?

If your I-94 is valid till Mar 2018, then 240 day count will start from I-94 expiration date and not filing date.

Having I-140 allows H-1 to be extended beyond the 6th year. There is a good chance that USCIS will reinstate PP in few months.

H-1 transfer has no impact on EAD. EAD extension can be applied using the current petition at that time.

Thank you so much Saurabh… You are awesome…

Glad my response helped :slight_smile: