H1b transfer with adding MCA

I have 10+ yes exp in IT .

I have completed a 3 year degree (BSC- Comp) in 2002 and Enrolled for MCA (Masters in computer application) same year.

But in 2004 I Started working in IT and also I continued my education and completed my Masters in 2005 (2002 to 2005). I came to the USA (In 2013) for my current employer on my 3 Years degree (BSC) + 8 plus Years of IT experience on H1B Visa.

Even in my H1B education evolution, it shows 3 year bachelor degree + 8 plus Years of IT experience.

Now If I plan to H1 transfer ,

  1.  Can  I add my Master degree now to my new H1B when you process the H1 transfer?. or I can show my master degree during my Green card processing?
  2.  If I add my Masters now, Does it cause any issue or any query from USCIS?
  3.  If I add my Master degree do I lose my 1.5 years of IT experience (2004 to 2005)?
  4.  I would have to continue with 3 year degree (BSC) + 8 plus Years of experience in my GC processing as well?
  5.  I haven’t shown my masters in H1B, so If we add that now in H1B will it be any issue.
  6.  Even If I add my Masters I will have more than 9 years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in the specialty IT experience with the current employer and before employer after MCA. Will it be ok if we add my masters to H1B transfer or I can do at the time of GC processing?