H1B transfer while location amendment is pending


I have got an offer and planning to move to new employer, but just thinking about my amendment which is in progress for location change. Please suggest me, if any one recently transferred their petition to new employer while amendment is in progress ?Any problems faced?

Thanks in advance.

It is not recommended to transfer to new employer and start working there with the receipt notice, when something is pending with USCIS. It is best to get approval with new employer and then move.

Problems are, if you get RFE and denial with new employer, then you are in trouble…It is always better to get approval and then only transfer.

Thanks for the response. Yes I will get approval and then start working . My question was if a transfer application can be applied in premium while a location change amendment is already pending with current employer

I do not think they are tied to each other.
If you have a current valid h1b ( I797A) you can apply for transfer at any given point of time