H1B Transfer while in US and then move to India

Hi ,

My H1B Visa is stamped till Aug -2017 with Employer A and I have approval notice I797 from Employer B which I got in Feb 2016 while in US and it is good for 1 year, I came to India as my assignment ends with employer A last month, Can I move back to US without having stamping for EmployerB,

Also if I travel with Employer A how person on Port of Entry will know whether I m here for Employer A or Employer B as I can show both Approval notices.



You can enter US on B’s petition and A’s visa stamp as long as B wants to hire you in US. At the PoE give your visa stamp and petition to PoE so that he annotates it for B and not A.

Thanks Saurabh…
You don’t see any issue since my payroll is in INR now…and I m moving without B stamping…

It doesn’t matter that you are in India currently and employed there. B’s stamping is not required as long as you have another H-1B visa stamp which has not expired.

You can talk to B’s attorney as well about this.