H1B-Transfer while in India

I am currently in India. Have a stamped H1B for an employer, whom I have NOT started working yet. It took me almost an year to get it stamped in India. Since then, I have been trying to find a project/job and found one now. The new US company would like to offer me a job and transfer my H1B to them. If I accept the job offer and agreed to transfer my H1B, do I have to go for another H1B stamping since I am in India now? What are my options? Should I go to H1B with current H1B and later transfer H1B to new company once in USA?

I do not want to wait for another year of waiting for H1B visa stamping slot in Chennai.
Appreciate your advise and help in this regard.
As always, thank you for all you do for H1B community.

Not required if your existing visa will be valid the day you enter the US to work for the new employer.

Awesome, Kalpesh! Appreciate your valuable insights, suggestions and timely responses. Thanks, again!