H1B Transfer while in India

Dear All,

I have a valid H1B approved & stamped for period - OCT '14 to SEP '17. My dates of Travel to US is not yet confirmed.

In the meantime, Can I look for any openings with the US company directly from India ? I understand that another employer can do file an H1 transfer.

In this process,

  1. Does Paystubs are mandatory in the visa transfer process? Note that I have never travelled to US on my H1 Visa yet and I am currently in India.

  2. Do I need to go for Stamping again (assume H1 transfer is approved) ?

Please advice

Thank you!

I am also in same boat .

I got H1b stamped in India & my employer is not seriously trying to get job for me. Meanwhile i applied for one of OEM company through their careers site ( car manufacturing company) in detroit & expecting call fom them. I have few questions on recrutment process after clearing telephonic interview.

1). Physcially do i need to be there in USA to complete the selection process ( lke medical tests, face to face interviews etc… ) before releasing offer.

2). if i get this job , new employer initiates h1b transfer . what are all documents i need to send ( soft copy is OK ? )

3). Do i need to wait till h1b transfer completes , or can i go to US & join in job ( if i have h1b tranfer application acknoledgement )

Appriciate your response… Thanks in advance