H1B Transfer while in India - Urgent info needed

I worked for Company A in US on H-1B status for 24 months & return back to India through Company A on April 2013.
I have H1B visa which is approved and stamped with Company A till Jan 2015. Company A did not pay me while I was in India for 2 months and they
concluded that I resigned.
Now If I got a offer from Company B. I want to transfer my VISA to Company B

  1. Is it possible to transfer my VISA to Company B while I am in India without recent pay stubs?

  2. Do I need to go for stamping again after H-1B transfer petition approval

  3. After receiving the Receipt number from Compnay B shall I travel to US from India or shoud I need to wait for till the petition approval from USCIS.

  4. Can I enter US if Company A( Current) cancel/revoke my VISA stamp and petition?

  5. If Company A do not cancel my VISA stamp, can I use it to travel back to US with Company B petition and Company A VISA stamp.

  1. It is ok. You are required to have payslips at least until April 2013 (last day in US)

  2. As long as the previous visa stamp is valid and A doesn’t get it cancled, you can use it for travel. Check w/ B if they need you to get stamp in their name (not required but some employers prefer that)

  3. Wait for approval

  4. Only after getting B’s approved petition. Refer to (2) regarding visa stamp

  5. (2)